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AMD K6 233


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Intel Celeron 366
AMD K6-2 350
AMD K6 233
Intel Celeron 466

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AT Mid-Tower Case w/250 watt power supply
AMD K6 233 MHz Processor
Amptron Socket 7 Motherboard
96 Megabytes of EDO Memory
Western Digital 4.3Gig UDMA33 Hard Drive
SIS 6120 PCI Video Card
ESS Solo-1 PCI Sound Card
Lucent Technologies 56K Modem
44X CD-ROM Drive
LinkSYS 10/100 BaseT Ethernet Card
1.44M Floppy Disk Drive
$275.00 plus S&H
Continential US ONLY


I will include all software drivers for the video, sound cards, etc... This system comes with Windows 98 Sec. Ed., Office 97 Professional, Test Drive 5, Norton System Works 2000, Microsoft Plus! 98 at no extra charge. There will be a Windows 98 CD with a certificate of authenticity.

E-Mail me at if you are interested. This only includes the computer. This does not include the keyboard,mouse, and speakers, you can pick your own to fit your purposes. You will also have to purchase a monitor that fits your purposes, prices range from $100-$1000 depending on what kind of monitor it is. Thank You